Take the R train to Times Square, exit at the 40th Street stairway

Later this week, I’ll be joining the New York Times as part of the team that produces the homepage of NYTimes.com. It’s an amazing opportunity the paper and its staff have extended to me, and I can’t wait to get started.

(I also relish the prospect of being able to say whenever I retire from my career in journalism that I worked for both of the great broadsheet newspapers of New York City in the 21st century.)

I’ll miss all my friends at Forbes as I move on. Lewis D’Vorkin, Coates Bateman, Andrea Spiegel, and Steve McNally gave me an amazing opportunity as True/Slant’s homepage editor, and I’ve appreciated the chance to provide my input as they work to execute bold ideas for Forbes.com. At Forbes, I was met by Dan Bigman, Tom Post, and Luisa Kroll who did so much to make me feel welcome on the Forbes team and hear my thoughts about the great plans they’re working to implement as they redefine the magazine and its presence in online news in the weeks and months ahead. You can expect big things from the Forbes team.

I’ve already thanked True/Slant’s writers and readers in other fora, but let me just repeat: it was an experience that will remain without parallel as I move on to this next adventure in my career. Thanks for writing for us, and for reading what we were putting together. However hard the 5 of us worked in the Mountain Lair, it would have amounted to little without such a great stable of writers or so many terrific readers who kept coming back to follow their output.

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